A Suggestion for Sleep

Someone recently had the interesting idea of making it so while falling asleep in bed, the sound will slowly fade out. It’s a simple little addition, but it would give the player more immersion into their world when falling asleep and saying good bye for the night. Currently the screen will fade to black when a player rests in bed and it is night time. The person who suggested this idea merely wants to add the sound fading out as well as the screen fading out.

This idea received generally favorable feedback, the community aid “great idea,” and, “it’s simple, but I think it would be good”. Someone else said that it was a cool idea, but that they do not usually notice too many sounds when going to sleep during night. Someone responded to this comment and numerous added “my home is near my cow farm… WORST MISTAKE EVER”.

This conversation gave someone else the idea to also add a short ten second little “sleepy time” chime that plays as the screen goes black. No one responded to this, but it seems like it would be incompatible with the original idea. How can you have sound fade out as sleepy time music starts to play?