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DwD Gaming

A Multi-Online Gaming Community

We are going to be adding new and exciting features to DwD to make the game play more fun and you will be helping to make DwD better so without further a due this is what we are adding to DwD.

  1. A new Point System Called Reputation and Karma. These will be used to access Npc Stores and Quests.
  2. A Npc Job System to earn in game currency, reputation points and Karma.
  3. Bedrock Currency will gained as a reward to spend in Npc stores
  4. New Rank point system and Titles given by the Npc's
  5. Weekly titles that give bonuses to certain stats, these titles reset every week and are given by the npc's by having the highest points in a certain rank for the week.
  6. There will be a new group/party system so you can group up with players to tackle world bosses or the more difficult quests/jobs that you cannot handle alone.
  7. All Top Ranks and Points will be Displayed on Scoreboard so you can see who is in the lead for the varied ranks, titles and points.
  8. Mcmmo Level, Ranks and points will also be used to give access to certain quests.

  • All Quests and...
As most of you have already noticed, there are quite a lot of changes going on in the game recently.

First off, I'd like to point out that we are doing a complete overhaul of our rules system. It was felt on both sides (staff and players) that our rules have become too dense over time and were starting to put unnecessary limitations on people. So we decided it would be best to wipe the slate clean and start with a fresh new ruleset and play it by ear.

Our current rules are:
  • No hacking
  • No Griefing
  • No lag machines
  • No being disrespectful

We feel these are pretty clear-cut and to the point while still covering most of the bases we need covered. All the other fluff has been lifted and freedom shall ring once again here on DwD. This includes lifting the PG13 mindset we've been trying to maintain, as long as people dont go overboard with it. We staff members are going to work harder at dealing punishments for rule breakers in the future instead of simply applying more layers of rules on top of rules. But, please note that these rules are always subject to...
The results are in! And we have a clear winner, by only 1 point! :O


Congratulations! \o/


A the winner of the contest, Gummy's build will be included in our minigames world as the first official CTF Arena. He has also won these goodies:
  • 1 Epic Key
  • 5 Rare Keys
  • 25 Uncommon Keys
  • 100 Common Keys
  • 5 Stacks of Gold Blocks
  • 1 Stack of Diamond Blocks

Our runner ups and their surprise prizes are:
  • 2nd Place: @Cheesel
    • 3 Rare KIeys
    • 10 Uncommon
    • 50 Common
    • 1 Stack of Gold Blocks
  • 3rd Place: @Lemon
    • 1 Rare Key
    • 5 Uncommon Keys
    • 25 Common Keys
    • 64 Gold Ingots

The runner ups builds will also be included in our minigames world at a later time.

Thank you for your participation, and we hope to see you guys and more in the upcoming contests ^_^
Well, we finally got our email server working and opened the boards for new registrations. It did take a bit longer than anticipated, but we wanted to make sure we got it right. ^_^

Over the next several days staff members will be adding back tutorials and informational posts on the forums. Madmac and myself will continue working in the backend to get the site fully operational and customized to our liking.

In the mean time, please register yourself a new account and make yourself at home. Things are about to get real! \o/
This is a recap from what we had posted on our old forums. I wanted to repost this to keep as a memory, plus it has very useful information for those of us who never herd of Discord.

The time has come, to think we are actually getting rid of Teamspeak is mind blowing! I remember the days of Ventrilo and thought to myself what would ever replace this, then Teamspeak came along. Now we have Discord!

Discord has every feature that Teamspeak has, but so much more. The best part, it is entirely FREE. Yes, that is right, FREE! you can use this application in a web browser, mobile app, windows app, even Linux has its own app (Still in early BETA stages but I have no issues and I am running Debian 8.3 KDE)

When you first join (which should be through a browser) it will display a notification at the top saying "Claim your name". This is the same as creating an account. Make sure you do this to ensure no one steals your name. Once you have claimed your name (created a account) you will be able to join (login) freely and all your settings will be saved and can use...