Village Wars!

Thu Oct 27. 2022

Village Wars!

Jeb recently announced on his twitter feed that villagers will be able to defend themselves soon. Naturally this sparked a huge conversation on Reditt, because his twitter feeds directly to Reditt.

Anyway, someone brought up the idea that villagers should be able to go to war. A few hipsters responded and said that they thought of this before villagers existed — basically insinuating that the topic is not up for discussion anymore because (s)he had some passing thoughts on the subject. Well, screw them, no one replied and the comments were down voted.

Some of the leading comments were about how the villagers would be separated from each other. Some people liked the idea of there being different races of villagers. For instance, Goblins and Dwarfs and so on. Would we be able to side with these races, or only some of them? It was up for debate.

Someone eventually said that they do not think that adding a game mechanic of compulsory race wars was a good way to go. They said that a simpler solution would be to give each village its own color, its own flag. People responded to this well, and this was the leading comment in the conversation!