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Exciting new features coming to DWD and you can help!

Discussion in 'Announcments' started by Hollow, Apr 27, 2017.

By Hollow on Apr 27, 2017 at 10:15 PM
  1. Hollow

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    Mar 12, 2017
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    We are going to be adding new and exciting features to DwD to make the game play more fun and you will be helping to make DwD better so without further a due this is what we are adding to DwD.

    1. A new Point System Called Reputation and Karma. These will be used to access Npc Stores and Quests.
    2. A Npc Job System to earn in game currency, reputation points and Karma.
    3. Bedrock Currency will gained as a reward to spend in Npc stores
    4. New Rank point system and Titles given by the Npc's
    5. Weekly titles that give bonuses to certain stats, these titles reset every week and are given by the npc's by having the highest points in a certain rank for the week.
    6. There will be a new group/party system so you can group up with players to tackle world bosses or the more difficult quests/jobs that you cannot handle alone.
    7. All Top Ranks and Points will be Displayed on Scoreboard so you can see who is in the lead for the varied ranks, titles and points.
    8. Mcmmo Level, Ranks and points will also be used to give access to certain quests.

    • All Quests and Quest Maps will be credited to the creator of it.
    And now for the most exciting addition Quests and you will be able to contribute to the making of these.
    If you want to contribute to the making of quests here is a guideline of what you need to do.

    • You may build the Map, Building, Dungeon or what ever that will contain the quest on the server, or in single player and post a schematic for it for us to paste it in all credit will be given to the builder of these creations.
    • You can just build the map and we will populate as we see fit or you can follow the guidelines so we know where to place the spawners and bosses and npc's for your quest you can also provide a story to your quest if you wish in a txt if you dont we will just make one up.

    Guideline for building Quest Maps/Areas. The Maps/structures must be quality work.

    • The Difficulty of spawned Monsters/bosses will be indicated by these colors of wool, you can also specify which kind of monster you want if you wish.
      • Green = Easy
      • Yellow = Medium
      • Red = Hard
      • Purple = Very Hard
      • Blue = Challenge please notify/pm Hollow if you wish to make a Challenge Map
    • Bosses will be indicated by white wool, make sure there is enough room to fight the boss. recommended space needed for boss chamber, for each difficulty of boss.
      • Green = Easy = 15x15
      • Yellow = Medium = 15x15 - 20x20
      • Red = Hard = 30x30
      • Purple = Very Hard = minimum 50x50
      • Blue = Challenge please notify/pm Hollow if you wish to make a Challenge Map

    • Npc Location will be identified by a Pink Wool.
      • you can link the quest between multiple npc just provide the details in a txt.
    • The Sizes of the Quest Area, these are just guidelines for the size of the quest area will also provide some examples to help you. You can build the quest in the overworld or build them in single player and post a schematic and we will paste it in.
      • Example 1: A Pirate Ship with rooms for the pirates and loot, and a captain quarters aka boss chamber 15x15 for the captain aka boss.
      • Example 2: A Multi-Level Dungeon lets say 10 Levels and each Level is 50x50 Each level consists of rooms with monsters or loot, secret rooms, puzzles to open the door to the next level etc, and you can choose to have multiple bosses one boss at lv5 and another one at lv 10.
      • Example 3: A simple quest, a grave yard a evil wizard is resurrecting the dead to build an army of the dead to attack spawn go and eliminate him.
      • Example 4: A Town has been taken over by bandits, eliminate the bandits so the townsfolk can return home.
      • Your quest may have multiple areas to go to so you are not limited to just a single area a player may need to travel from one area to another.
      • example 5: A Kingdom has fallen to the enemy they have taken control of the castle and the streets go and eliminate the general and his captains to end the occupation. So you can build the castle and its town you may have more then 1 quest in your map so specify that as well in a txt.
      • Space is limited, the space limit for a quest is 500x500 and if your spreading this quest over multiple areas, so lets say if your going to have 5 areas that is 100x100 for each area.
    • Planned Features
      • Weapon and Armor Stats.
      • Campaigns
      • Player Levels
    Any questions? Post them here or pm Hollow.

    This post will be updated in future so keep an eye out!
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Discussion in 'Announcments' started by Hollow, Apr 27, 2017.

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