New raids in Minecraft 1.14

Thu Nov 17. 2022

New raids in Minecraft 1.14

So I've built me a village but it never gets raided my the villagers. Or pillagers whatever they are called. The grey dudes.

I was wondering if they ever will or if they have spawn locations preset? What determines if they raid or not?

Raids don't occur naturally, they must be initiated through player events.

Pillager patrols don't start until after 5 in game days. Once the patrols start you have to kill a pillager that is carrying a banner. This gives you the bad omen effect. If you enter a village while the bad omen effect is applied, a raid will begin.

You can also get the effect from killing a banner man at a pillager Outpost, but this is currently bugged and you may not see any banner men spawn.