Minecraft parkour servers

Parkour in Minecraft is a sort of a funny idea for me. While I’m sure you heard of parkour, in real life before, but in Minecraft it’s a whole different story. In real life it’s about training your body and pushing yourself past your physical limits to reach new heights and longer strides. In Minecraft however it’s about timing your jumps and finding the most creative and efficient paths through the course, then committing all of this to your muscle memory so that when you actually do the run without any mistakes. In my opinion Minecraft parkour is closer to chess than anything physical despite it’s name.

Now let’s look at the actual courses used in Minecraft parkour. They’re generally divided into 3 classes, these being, class 1, which is basically beginners and people trying to learn all the mechanics, class 2, which is kind of an advanced look at how people can exploit Minecraft’s engine to move faster and class 3, which is obviously master and tournament class, basically in this class you have to be devilishly precise and have a bit of luck so that enemies don’t kill you during your run, all the while adapting to enemies movements while also remembering and performing all the fundamentals of the previous two tiers. It’s basically a blood bath.

While there are many interesting and innovative game modes in Minecraft and many ways to play the game even within the confines of these game modes, but parkour has got to be one of the most rewarding game modes for players who are willing to invest their time and energy in truly mastering the game and more importantly perhaps than even that, into mastering their chosen course which is night impossible for most people.