Lanterns Being Added

Do any of you remember a little over a year ago when Notch said he was going to make it so torches would burn out? Well, if you remember that, you probably also remember that he was going to add another light source that was permanent, but would cost more. This light source was ‘lamps’. Someone asked Jeb if there was any chance of adding lamps in the game. They wanted a light source that could be turned on and off instead of the current system of the piston complex machine with glowstone (yes, that’s too technical, we know, that’s why people want something simpler). Luckily, Jeb responded and said, “Yes, that will be included in tomorrow’s snapshot”.

As usual, the community was very happy with the developer of their game. People were joking around about how Jeb replied as if the community was expecting it. It was like, “Can we have lanterns?” and Jeb said, “Yeah, I already coded those a week ago, they were going to be a surprise in the weekly snapshot I was going to release tomorrow.”

While we are on the subject of Jeb being awesome, we would like to comment that we are very impressed with the new development team, and think that they are much better programers than Notch ever was.