Dog Will Bark

Everybody knows about dogs, right? They are those cute little wolfies that you tame with a bone that will follow you around and attack enemies for you. Pro tip: do not attack them while they are wild. Anyway, wolfies have this annoying little habit of barking for absolutely no reason whatsoever. At first, people thought the wolfies might bark for a given reason, but the players who went down the rabbit hold have discovered that there is nothing there; the algorithm for the bark is completely random. Well, the point of this story is that dogs do not bark for no reason. Ok Ok, we know what your thinking, dogs bark all the time at everything, but they are doing it to protect the pack. This is the topic of today’s discussion: dogs should growl when a mob is near by.

This is something that has been proposed many times, but it was talked about in a Minecraft community recently, and it brought up some other good points about things that could be improved upon with pets. For one, they need to stop teleporting in front of you. Cats should hiss at mobs is a common comment – cats should mess with chickens. Chickens should crow in the morning. Maybe there should be a male/female mob? That might be too much complication… what do you guys think?