Enchanting Needs Some Work

Ever since enchanting was added a few months ago, enchanting has changed the face of how we play Minecraft. But the system is not without its faults, thankfully Jeb acknowledges this as a problem. Anyway, the problem with enchanting is that getting high levels basically requires the player to hack the game with mob grinders which kills server performance; getting to level 50 without using a mob grinder is basically impossible, and even if a player gets to that level, he or she may wind up with a completely useless enchantment like smite. And on top of this, after countless hours of hard work, the player is rewarded with an enchanted item that will break soon and can not be repaired.

Procrastinare, a Reditt user, commented on a similar discussion on redditt said that “Minecraft has the worst enchanting system I’ve ever seen. It’s like when Bob Ross just paints a big black line down the middle of his landscape. It looks terrible and you wonder what he was thinking. But then he turns that ugly black line into a beautiful happy little tree and it all makes sense and adds to the beauty of the picture. Right now i just see the enchanting system as a big ugly black line down the middle of an otherwise beautiful game. I’m waiting for someone to come along and finish it, flesh it out or make it fun in some way.” This gracefully worded comment can be said to be the opinions of quite a many in the Minecraft community, and the evidence of this is the fact that the comment received over 1,000 up-votes. Here’s hoping Jeb finishes that picture soon.